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According to WHO, oncological diseases are one of the main reasons of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The innovative drug cluster based on the new prospective modes of action intended for treatment of patients with various malignancies, has given hope for increased survival of such patients. The presence of numerous oncology drug candidates which are nowadays in various stages of clinical studies suggests that movement in the direction will go on further. However, treatment availability and cost for patients with oncopathology are the focus of discussions and debates worldwide.

One of the most prospective trends in oncopathology treatment is immunotherapy. It is expected that more investments will be made in R&D-activity in this area which will be subsequently converted to the launch of new commercially successful products and their combinations. The occurrence of more prospective drugs for oncopathology treatment is to result in activation of competition between manufacturers of such products in the next 5 years.

The high incidence and social relevance of cancer diseases, as well scientific progress provide the priority of the trend for the global pharma industry which is represented by market values. Cancer struggle – the priority trend for pharmaceutical companies activеly searching for new diagnostic and therapeutic agents.
It is expected that to 2020 sales of biopharmaceutical products for treatment of cancer diseases including biosimilars will achieve 100 bln. USA dollars.