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Mobilan (M-VM3) is the innovative drug based on non-replicating adenovirus vector delivery system encoding TL-receptor of 5 type and corresponding ligand which is developed for immunotherapy of cancer diseases including prostate cancer.

Immunotherapy is one of the newest approaches of cancer treatment. It is based on the generally accepted hypothesis that intrinsic immune system is the best instrument in struggle with the diseases. Immunotherapy acts on tumors by stimulation of immune system to modulate its response providing tumor-specific antigens of artificial and natural origin to immune system.

The mode of the drug action includes transduction of tumor cells with bicistronic recombinant non-replicating adenovirus which manages expression of human Toll-like receptor of 5 type (TLR5) and its specific ligand-agonist, 502s, pharmacologically optimized analogue of bacterial protein flagellin. The derived constitutive autocrine stimulation of signaling pathway TLR5 results in response of innate immunity and subsequent development of adaptive anti-tumor immune reactions.

The proprietary technology allows to convert any available tumor node to the vaccine activating innate and further acquired immunity which may be used for treatment of various cancer neoplasms.

The manufacture of drug product Mobilan as a concentrate for solution for intratumor injection was developed by “Panacela Labs” LLC and implemented in company “IMMAPHARMA” LLC, Russia.

Company Panacela Labs has all intellectual property rights under project Mobilan (Patents “USE OF TOLL-LIKE RECEPTOR AND AGONIST FOR TREATING CANCER”).

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